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In today’s world there are many reasons for foreclosures:

• Arm loan resets to a higher rate making payments unaffordable
• Loss of job
• Personal tragedy
• Health problems or disability
• Serious drop in income

Foreclosure can happen to anyone and most people do not know what to do in order to remain in their homes or how to get out of their home and avoid foreclosure. Let help you remain in your home or business.

* Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Investment properties!!!

We have alternative ways to help you stay in your home or avoid foreclosure. Here are just some of the solutions if you LET US NEGOTIATE WITH YOUR LENDER:

• Reinstatement Plan
• Repayment Plan
• Loan Modification
• Loan Restructuring
• Loan Refinance
• Forbearance Agreement
• Redemptions
• Partial Claim
• Pre-Foreclosure Sale
• Short Sale
• Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

We can tell you almost immediately if refinancing the property is a viable option, if not we will seek another solution for you.

Apply today so we can reduce the stress and improve your situation!


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 This is not an offer to make a loan or to make a loan on any particular terms. All loan applicants must submit a written application and all required documentation.
All information submitted by loan applicants is subject to verification. All loan applicants must qualify under our underwriting requirements and satisfy all contingencies
of loan approval. Loan approval will be subject to satisfactory appraisal, title review, no change in financial condition and any other guidelines established. Some loan
types may not available in all jurisdictions. This loan program is subject to change without notice. This loan program is for business purpose and commercial loans only.
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